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Email Hosting

Our Email Hosting services include design, installation, implementation, configuration, migrations and troubleshooting. We can have a single server implementation fully configured and ready to go in less than three hours, and if you need a full suite BES 10 or 12 implementation – including the new Android and iOS management applications, policies and tools – we can do that too.

Through our Microsoft Exchange Server consultancy work we’ve gained extensive experience with the Email Hosting product – starting with version 4.0 back in 2005, up to the latest BES 12.0 edition, but also Email Hosting 5.0 and Email Hosting Express 5.0 for legacy Email Hosting.

We’re able to provide a full range of consultancy services for the Microsoft Exchange version of BES, including:

  • Installation of a client’s first BES/BES Express server
  • Migration to a later version of BES
  • Upgrading the client device software
  • Refinement of the existing implementation
  • Integration of BES 5.x with Exchange 2013
  • Troubleshooting of the BES, and Exchange permissions, and
  • Providing advice and guidance to employees on how to add devices to the server.

Support can either be provided on site, or via remote access.

Deployment of BES 5.0 Express

Available free from Email Hosting, this product allows legacy Email Hosting devices with a consumer data plan (BIS data) to synchronise with a BES Express server. This significantly reduces the cost, as a BIS subscription is less expensive than a BES subscription. We enable clients to take full advantage of this benefit by overcoming potential difficulties with implementation – such as the need for additional steps before devices can be activated, and the lack of a migration plan.

BES Express works with all Email Hosting devices except for the more recent OS10 based devices (Z10, Q10, Classic, Passport etc).

To find out how we can help you get the best from your Email Hosting communications, please contact us.

Important note: For insurance and contractual reasons, servers and full legal liability must be in the UK.